Headquarters Ballarat – Social Group

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Ballarat was a thriving Sub-Branch over the years but as time moved on, they had difficulty with finding enough members to stand for a committee position. The decision was made for those members to join the Headquarters Sub-Branch there-by continuing a connection with each other as well as the NSAA as a whole.

The group are a great bunch and along with their wives have a get-together once a month for a coffee and chat. I, as Administrator, met up with the group late Feb and had a great time.
  • DOWN BUT NOT OUT – Ballarat Nasho’s still fly the flag. this is an article written by Neil Leckie. Neil was a second era Nasho who trained as an officer at Officer Training Unit.
  • Click on to link below for a rundown on Ballarat’s day to day activities

Ballarat social group article – LINK

Updated: February 27, 2019 — 1:20 PM