State Memorial Day Service 2019

           NSAA State Memorial Day Service      

20th Year Celebration


Sunday March 17th, Recognized the 20 years since the dedication of the State Memorial situated on Blamey Memorial Park Puckapunyal. The day couldn’t be better with no wind or rain we were basked in sunshine for a fantastic march led by 5/6 Battalion RVR Pipes & Drums. Step off was at 11:00hs precisely with everyone staying in file and step giving a fine eyes left at the saluting dais, the salute taken by COL Richard Parker, Commander of CATC.  Upon being given fall out we moved across to the chairs to the front of the State Memorial. MC for the day was Hank Kreemers, ex Vietnam Veteran, who called for the mounting of the catafalque party. This was made up of soldiers from the school of Armour. Our speaker for the day was Col Richard Parker, Commander of CATC,            Link to COL Richard Parker’s Talk

At the conclusion of the service everyone moved across to the cricket club for a bite of lunch and a chat with old mates.

State Memorial at Puckapunyal was erected on this site in 1999 to recognize those men who trained here from 1951 – 1959 and then again 1965 – 1972.  Around 287,000 did their required 3 months Basic Training at 2 RTB (Regimental Training Battalion) before being allotted a posting and hat badge for the Corps they were entering.

This fabulous Memorial was the work of Jim Oliver and Douglas Black and I am sure many more as well. Not long after it had been constructed, a very large tree fell knocking the memorial over. It was repaired and stands proudly remembering those who have served on the water in the air and on land either on foreign countries or Australia. Those men performed their duty as asked of them to the fullest.

We also remember the more recent men and women who are serving or have served in the Navy, Army and Airforce. Time and technology has moved forward but we all serve or served for the common goal.

As the National Servicemen Veterans of the 50s intake are ageing and passing along with the 65-70s Veterans now in their late 60s mid 70s we look to the younger Veterans to hold the flag and keep it flying and remember those who have gone before.

As a Ex Service Organization the National Servicemen’s Association provide comradeship and assistance to its Members and Ex Nasho’s.  Younger Veterans are welcome as they are the future and can provide, via the NSAA which is incorporated, a cost effective way of reaching out to younger Veterans.

Please enjoy the photographs of NSAA Victorian Branch’s 20th Anniversary Memorial Day Service.


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Photographs courtesy of Joan Morrison & David Nelson

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