Australian Veterans’ Recognition Card

Today I setup my computer ready to help older veterans to apply for their “Veteran Card and Pin”. Well I must say it wasn’t easy, especially with so many not having email accounts that are needed to connect with both MyGov and MyService.

I am at the younger end of the group and feel I am fairly computer savy, but I must say trying to cross all the i’s & t’s, it was very time consuming. I understand that many veterans have gone to Centerlink to have the process done. Doing my own was fairly straight forward as I already had both accounts setup.

I must say that the DVA MyService site is a “trial BETA site” that has very basic information available. I must question as to why they would run a trial Beta site without having the original main site still running.

If any of you are making application, make sure you have,  a) access to a scanner, because you have to scan and attach some documents. b) all documents from medicare card, drivers licence, either Certificate of Service or Discharge paper, Naturalization papers if recently naturalized, passport, service number and the list goes on. You will also need both, an Email address to receive an activation code, for both MyGov & MyService, a mobile phone to receive SMS codes to be entered during the process.

I don’t know how you will go, but I do know this, you will need plenty of patience and hopefully family that can help you out.

Time from submitting your information and receiving your card can take some time as DVA have too check all your documentation is correct and above board. It may take a few weeks before you hear, I do know of some who have received their cards. The pins I understand will be out a little latter.

Please let me know via the contact page as to how you got on and how you wen’t about the process. This information may be of benefit to others.

“why make it simple when you can make it hard” quote by unknown author

All the best for now and I will as information comes in, forward it on within these pages.

Link to Card information

Federal Government Legislation – Card – Pin


Updated: June 4, 2019 — 4:17 PM

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