Edinburgh Castle Photograph Taken-1914 and 1918 showing the attrition of war.

100 yrs ago – 1914..1919

Below are two of the most incredible but sad photographs taken during WW1. The top photograph shows a full Battalion of Cameron Highlanders just prior to being dispatched to the front line.

If you have a close look at the top photo, taken in 1914, each rank’ of which there are five, is made up of two files each, making ten files in the photo. There are approximately 780 men, five NCO’s and three Officers, all in the foreground of the most iconic Castle, Edinburgh Castle.  Little did they know what lay ahead of them when they reached their destination.

Bottom photograph, is the same battalion of Cameron Highlanders upon their return in 1918, after the signing of Armistice. The photo shows approximately 652 men either died or were wounded.

Standing proud are the sole survivors of the Battalion of Cameron Highlanders that were dispatched to the war front in 1914.

Lest we forget!

This is a reminder to us all, that war not only takes our mates and loved ones, but affects those who return along with their families and the families of those killed or wounded in action.

These two photographs show the destruction of war in a very graphic way.       


  •  Courtesy of Adrian Martion and Heather McPherson